Time Magazine: The Most Influential Images of All Time

A couple of weeks ago I picked up this issue of Time that included what essentially were teasers for the full online collection of 100 Photos. The stories behind the photos added so much to understanding the reason the photo was selected and if you have the chance, I recommend spending a few hours browsing the online collection.

Discover the stories behind TIME’s 100 most influential images of all time #TIME100Photos http://100photos.time.com/ Be aware that some images are disturbing.

Here’s a quick selection to get you started:

The photo that really influenced me as a teenager was this one taken by the astronauts of Apollo 8, Earthrise. You can read the backstory at Time 100 Most Influential Photos


Tel Aviv Walkabout

For Week 4 our photography group met in Tel Aviv this past Friday morning. We were expecting cloudy skies and were glad to have a warm, sunny day, but it interfered a bit with our ability to experiment with longer exposures and depth of field. So we went for stop-motion action instead along with experimenting with our camera settings.

Here are a few photos which I’m adding here as a Gallery so that you can see the EXIF info on aperture and shutter speed. Other than resizing and/or straightening, I’ve not retouched them.

I took lots of under- and over-exposed photos, but was happy to finally be off the automatic setting on my point and shoot!