1. mmmmh … coffee *.* if you haven’t tried, get into the G-one (no, not the g-spot, the g-marker). If I am not mistaken, that is the one with the great second floor, wooden ceiling stuff and such. The coffee is the same as in any of their spots 🙂

  2. That actually is the one we visited when we were in Hamburg. As you can see by the added pictures, it’s lovely, but what’s with all those single folks hogging the booths by the windows?

  3. That is the one I meant 🙂 The singles, well, there is two possibilities. The first one is they are hipsters, waiting for a small group of other hipsters they can ogle and dream about being part of the gang. Usually they are together with one or more apple-products. Or a notebook. The other option is the common german security stalker who is looking at the outside, making sure, everything is in order and as it needs to be 😀

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