Laundry Day

Schwarzwalder FreilichtuseumSchwarzwalder Freilichtuseum

Right before our trip to Alsace and the Black Forest last month, our 10-year old washer  decided to go on holiday as well. Unfortunately I still needed to launder quite a few things before I could pack and the timing was, well, it was Murphy’s Law at work.  So we left the house with fewer clothes and went on vacation for almost 10 days.

Towards the end of our trip we stopped at the Schwarzwalder Freilichtuseum, an open-air museum that has quite a number of very old farmhouses and workshops, and I couldn’t help but notice the washboard, laundry wringer and the clothes cleverly drying under the enormous eaves of this farmhouse. It made me even more aware of what was waiting for me when I arrived home! Regardless, it certainly made me appreciate both modern appliances (running water, FTW!) and the amount of plain hard work required to keep up such a lifestyle in earlier centuries.