In the Future, We Will Photograph Everything and Look at Nothing

“Today everything exists to end in a photograph,” Susan Sontag wrote in her seminal 1977 book “On Photography.” This was something I thought about when I recently read that Google was making its one-hundred-and-forty-nine-dollar photo-editing suite, the Google Nik Collection, free. This photo-editing software is as beloved among photographers as, say, Katz’s Deli is among those who dream of pastrami sandwiches.

via In the Future, We Will Photograph Everything and Look at Nothing | The New Yorker

h/t: Nir Eyal

Photo by Jed Adan on Unsplash


  1. In Saint Petersburg a few weeks ago, a woman in the row in front of us filmed the whole Cossack dancing show through her phone. She said she bought the video, so she wasn’t doing anything she shouldn’t. She never saw the live show, she saw it on ‘TV’ as it were – through her phone.

    Scanning the audience in the semi-darkness there were little rectangles of light dotted here and there – people filming on their phones.

  2. You said many things with your comment. While I guess I can understand the desire to “capture the moment” in a photo or on video (and depending of course on what the terms of the ticket were as many venues ban filming a performance), there is so much lost in not being in the moment.

    The article Om Malik wrote is fascinating/worrying as another bell tolling for “traditional” photography.

  3. Yes, I wish there had been an announcement at the beginning of the performance, banning the use of phones and cameras. I am not sure it would have made a difference – there were big groups of ‘foreigners’ (we too were foreigners of course) in the audience – and some of them may well have had a different cultural norm. That said, I thought they were losing the sense of being there – they were not there at all – and they were messing up our enjoyment of the performance. I shouted out ‘Turn your phone off!’ and some of the jumped like cats and turned them off – but others just carried on. It really annoyed me to have these little floating rectangles in the semi darkness.

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