Master of Photography

During our photography course’s hiatus this summer, our Whatsapp group continued sharing interesting tidbits and exhibits we’d encountered. One of the links shared was to the first season of Master of Photography from Sky Arts in the UK, which was broadcast locally with subtitles.

I managed the first four, hour-long programs and was occasionally annoyed with the insubstantial reactions and critiques by the judges and bored by parts of the visual content. It isn’t very exciting to watch photographers photographing, at least not to me. Isabella Rossellini, of course, is as beautiful and gracious as ever and if not for her, the only interesting parts of each program were when the contestants received their assignments at the beginning and the final critiques by photographers and judges at the end.

Sadly, I  saw only the first 4 episodes because our local station pulled them from their website and so far I’ve found them online exclusively at the Sky website. Not being in the UK and without a Sky subscription hampers that avenue. Sky Arts posted a minimal number of less-than-a-minute trailers on YouTube while Leica, the sponsor, posted the following overall trailer on Vimeo, which is worth watching just to get a feel for the competition if you’re not familiar with it.

So while I haven’t been able to find (yet) a legal method of watching that first season from 2016, I’ll keep looking.

In case you are interested, the next season’s competition is still open to applicants until November 15th. You can find more info on the Sky Arts website. Go!