It’s strange to have the time to go out photographing, but no camera. On Sunday (a work day here), I handed over my Powershot S100 to the camera shop for repair, but there’s still no word on whether Canon will pick up the cost or even if they can repair it. The reply I received from Canon on Twitter is that the S100 (which I purchased in 2012) is past its end of life cycle. Nice.

There is my son’s Nikon D90, but I’d need to develop some serious muscle in order to drag that cannon around anywhere. And is it just me or does it seem like there’s far too many flips, switches, buttons and dials on the Nikon? I downloaded the 300-page manual and really hope I don’t have to use it. LOL On the other hand, dropping US$600+ for a new camera isn’t in the cards right now.

In other news, our local TV station has begun broadcasting the second season of Master of Photography, and, along with that, the episodes from the first season are back online! So while I might not be photographing, I can still watch other people do it. At least for a limited time. 🙂