The Befuddled User’s Visual Guide to Disabling Image Comments

There are two things to remember about image comments on your site:

  • Images in the Gallery’s Photo Carousel and on Attachment pages take their Discussion/comment settings from your site’s Discussion settings. Meaning, if you have comments enabled by default on your site’s posts, then your images also have comments enabled.
  • Discussion settings for images already uploaded currently can only be managed in your site’s WP Admin dashboard.

• If you display a lot of images on your site and don’t want to allow commenting on them, it is much faster and more convenient in the long-run to turn off commenting for your entire site. To do this, go to My Sites>Settings>Discussion and under “Allow people to post comments on new articles” flip the toggle switch to OFF / grayed out. (Your changes here will be automatically saved.)

Screenshot 01 Discussion Settings

Commenting is now turned off for all posts you publish and images you upload to your site after changing that setting.

If you want to allow comments on posts you publish after changing that setting, you’ll need to tick the “Allow comments” box in the Discussion settings in each post’s More Options module.

Screenshot 02 More Options module thumbnail
Click to see larger image

•• To disable commenting on images you’ve already uploaded to your website before changing your site’s Discussion settings, you’ll need to edit each image individually in the WP Admin Media Library.

Go to your site’s WP Admin>Media Library (add /wp-admin/upload.php to your own website’s address) and if you see that the images are displayed in Thumbnail view, change the display to List view by clicking the List icon on the left side at the top of the columns.

Screenshot 03 Media Library
Toggle between Thumbnail and List view

Next, hover your cursor over the image you want to edit and the word “Edit” will appear. Click it to open the image settings screen.

Screenshot 04 Media Library-edit image

Scroll down the page until you see the Discussion module and uncheck the box next to “Allow comments,” then click the “Update” button at the top right to save your settings.

Screenshot 05 Edit Discussion setting in Medias

Repeat from •• for every image where you want to disable commenting in the Photo Carousel or on image Attachment pages. Remember, this only needs to be done on images that were uploaded before changing your entire site’s Discussion settings in the My Sites dashboard.

If you don’t see the Discussion module on the image settings screen, look at the top right corner and click the “Screen Options” tab, then tick the box next to “Discussion.”

Screenshot 06 Screen Options
Click to see larger image

Scroll back down the same screen to the Discussion module to disable comments and then click “Update” to save your settings.

The above guide was written for a web browser on a PC. Your experience may be different on any other device.

Hopefully one day will automatically disable comments on new image uploads regardless of your site’s Discussion settings or give users a way to bulk edit this setting. It certainly would enhance user experience!