MUZA-End of the Year Exhibit

We’re already closing in on this year’s end of the year exhibit for our photography course. Yikes!

I admit I’ve had difficulties investing myself this year due to two significant breaks; one during the entire month while my camera was being repaired and the second during the last month while we took care of our son’s highly energetic dog.

Meantime, ahead of our class meeting with guest teachers yesterday, I gleaned my photos to come up with two potential projects, one I may go with which I called “Point of View,” photos taken at a very elevated angle physically and politically. It was interesting to hear their feedback and how they envisioned my photos. It was very different to mine. I’ve posted this one here already, taken at the Tower of David in Jerusalem.

My original end-of-year project is in limbo, namely photographing the very few remaining older, single family houses in our neighborhood –a sight that is disappearing in favor of more and more high-rises. There’s still a slight chance that might happen but I won’t be embarrassed by the project I’ve chosen. We’ll see.



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