Photo Friday: Street

Another potential photo for my end of the year exhibit at MUZA.
IMG_9957 copy

While editing this image, from one day to the next, Win10’s April update installed itself and left my fairly new PSE2018 useless with “not enough RAM” or “integer” errors.

After searching the Adobe PSE community forums I found a solution which requires me to edit my computer’s registry. Now I normally do not pale at technical challenges, but anything having to do with regEdit freezes me in my tracks. Here’s the solution I found for those of you who have more comfort about digging in the innards of your OS: All kinds of problems with Photoshop Elements since upgrade to Windows 10 version 1803 (April Update)

In an online chat I asked Adobe Customer Support why they aren’t pushing out an update to deal with this issue and the reply I received was basically, “not enough people reporting this error.” I dunno. After spending a large chunk of money just upgrading from an earlier version of PSE, I want it to work without me needing to perform surgery on my computer.

Thankfully, I also have PSP2018 installed, which continues to work like a charm. *knock wood*