This Site and the GDPR

There’s been a lot of concern, confusion and angst by site owners here on ahead of implementing the EU’s new General Data Protection Regulation on May 25th and the impact that will have on site owners and visitors. At the moment, the only thing I can suggest is that you take the time to read the entire, revised Automattic Privacy Policy, Automattic GDPR FAQ, and the newly updated Cookie Policy to understand better how these changes affect your use of this site and the platform.

Automattic,’s parent company has also announced that currently only sites with a paid upgrade are eligible for Data Processing Agreements with Automattic, and as this site is fortunate to have one, I am in the process of requesting such an agreement.

Meanwhile, if you wish to continue receiving notices of my newly published posts on ShutterClutter you needn’t do anything further. If you wish to stop receiving these notices, please use the link at the bottom of the email you’ve received to unsubscribe or you can unfollow this site in your Reader by clicking on the green Following link in your Reader Manage dashboard. After the 25th of May, I’ll also have a form available on this site where you can request removal of either an earlier comment or contact form submission here.

Cheers and thanks for your understanding. See you on the other side!