Weekly Photo Challenge

Here’s one of my all time favorite photos, from our Norway trip in late May 2014.

When The Daily Post shut down last month, many of us sorely felt the loss of community that went along with the Weekly Photo Challenge, whether it was Likes or enjoyable discussions on our posts or on TDP itself. Community is hard to replace. The advice from the Editors in their “thank you” entry was to tag your posts so that other WordPress.com users could find you in the WordPress.com Reader. While that is good advice in any case, it doesn’t quite fit the bill. After a little digging around, I found the page of community organized photography events on TDP, but please take it with a grain of salt as I did not explore each challenge to see if it is still running (and who knows how long that page will be available).

Other photography communities I participate in: I’ve been posting at Photo Friday for quite a number of years and it’s always fun to see what Marc and the other regulars are doing with the weekly challenge. All posting takes place on the Photo Friday website although you can also link to a larger image on your own website. #photofriday

The other photography challenge I’d like to do more of is the Dogwood 52 Week Challenge. They’ve been running for about 3 years and the challenges stretch your skills at the same time. There are a number of places you can post your images, including FB, Instagram, and Flickr. #dogwood52

Have you found a photography challenge/community that you like to participate in? Please leave a link in the comments and maybe we can get the community going again.

Weekly Photo Challenge-All Time Favorites