Two New Photography Courses on Demand | The Daily Post

Back in the day when The Daily Post was most active, they offered two photography courses with a private P2 forum for signed-up participants. These courses are still available as shorter, self-study lessons at Two New Photography Courses on Demand | The Daily Post but without the associated private forum. At the time the post tags used for the full courses were #Photo101 and #Photo201 but both those tags are currently in the slow lane, which could be a good thing if you are looking to build community.

The #photography tag in the Reader gets hundreds, if not thousands, of new posts every day.  Even in the short while that I was browsing them in the Reader notifications kept popping up that there were x new posts, just minutes apart. Considering the 10’s of millions of websites hosted here, it’s not very surprising. However, what that means for anyone trying to find others interested in similar topics, not just photography, is that you really need to drill down and be specific in your post categories and tags. If you’re using the default “Uncategorized” as your only or main topic category, you’re making it much harder for yourself to find like-minded bloggers.

Thinking you’d like to challenge yourself to either of the available The Daily Post self-study photography courses or any available photo challenge and would like to do so in the company of others? Why not write about it on your own site and add the appropriate tag and see who else might be interested. Setting up a private P2 community for active participants is an option, but not necessary if you tag your posts. You’re also welcome to create a pingback to this post to help get the word out.


  1. Glad to see the enthusiasm for getting this up and running. I’ll be glad to participate at some point. Thanks for letting my readers know about it too.

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