Next year’s focus

Our year-end photography exhibit took place last month (on our wedding anniversary no less!). The slightly out-of-focus photo of my displayed photos above (+finger) was taken by one of my fellow students on her phone. 🙂

Since then our group has been discussing our options for next year and whether to continue in the same venue with the same teacher. I expressed a certain amount of hesitation because while the overall group and instruction are good, I feel like I’m not getting the kind of feedback I need to push myself forward.

Each of the photo projects I’ve linked to previously are user-organized and run and while that is great, the one thing often lacking in such venues is real feedback from visitors. Likes or short comments of praise don’t carry the same weight as honest critique if you are trying to develop your photography skills. Be truthful. How often have you wished that someone would really give you an honest critique on your photos?

Everyone has different reasons for posting their photographs on their site and not everyone is skilled in the art of giving a critique nor perhaps wants a critique of their photos. There are plenty of resources around if you want to learn about how to critique a photograph or you can check out this still valuable post on the sandwich critique.

So I’m proposing a new photography tag: photocritiquefriendly which invites your site visitors to give their friendly feedback on your photo.

Good idea? Bad idea? What do you think?