How Do I Critique a Photo?

In my last post on this subject, I mentioned a few resources that you could learn from right now on how to critique someone else’s photo. Then along came Light Stalking (a great photography blog you might want to subscribe to), and published “7 Critical Questions You Should Ask When Critiquing Your Photography,” to help you self-critique your work if you don’t feel you’re ready to show your work to strangers on the internet. (Still scary!)

And 52Frames, a very popular photo project, came out with an instructive video on what makes a good critique and it doesn’t necessarily need to be technical (and douze points for mentioning the sandwich critique), by critiquing their projects’ critiques. (I’ve tried to start the video after their adverts, but if it still plays them you can skip ahead to 02:17.)

Do you find these resources help you in developing a method to critique your own or other people’s photos? Please share your thoughts in the comments.