So long Canon S100!

In the middle of the Duomo in Florence, as I pointed my Canon S100 towards the amazing frescoes under Brunelleschi‘s even more amazing dome, this happened…again! We’ve made lots of beautiful memories together over the years, but it was hard not to throw my faulty camera across the transept in frustration.

The rest of my week-long visit to Florence was photographed with my friend’s Canon pocket camera and my cellphone, but the quality of the cellphone images just doesn’t compare.

After doing some price comparison between 4 local camera shops (and finding that only one of them had the camera in stock), I bit the bullet and made a significant dent in my budget to buy the “noir” version of the camera I chose earlier as a potential replacement to the S100 during the month it was sitting in the repair shop. I’m now working hard to understand it because it speaks an entirely different language. Hopefully I’ll do better with it than I did learning Italian!

2018-10-15 18.27.00

Did I mention it comes with a 325-page instruction book?