Hello, Europe! Israel Calling.

In case you were busy this past weekend on another planet, Eurovision, the annual European (with Australia) song contest, happened in Tel Aviv.  Israel won last year’s contest with Netta Barzilai’s pop song “Toy” and so hosted this year’s event. The Final was held Saturday night, after 2 semi-finals earlier in the week, but the entire last week was filled with festivities in and around Tel Aviv centering on the Eurovision Village on the seashore between Tel Aviv and Jaffa.

While I normally avoid massive crowds, we were pleasantly surprised that it was almost calm when we arrived in the Eurovision Village early on Thursday evening to enjoy the food and music. (Apparently the masses arrived later while we walked 5km along the coast from the Village to the Tel Aviv Port to watch the opening of the 2nd semi-finals.)

All these photos were shot with my new-ish Samsung S9 and I have to say that I’ve been quite impressed with the quality of the photos, especially since these were taken at night.

We won’t talk about Madonna (and her off-key performance) and other guests who politicized a music event, as those topics have been done to death in the press.

I was sure that Sweden was going to take the top award, but next year in The Netherlands!