Muzah 2019-Motion

Take a diverse group of people, mostly in their 6th-7th decade, with various DSLRs and varying levels of proficiency and ask them to photograph and review other group members’ images and what do you get? Hilarity as it happens.

My “Home” photo was well-received technically, but most in our group felt I didn’t grasp the point of the exercise; one person being so straightforward as to ask, “This is what home means to you?” This directness is quite typical Israeli behavior, I might add.  🙂

At the very end of our evening meeting, after an enjoyable tour of 2 exhibitions in the museum where the course takes place showing different artists interpretations of “Home,” and the review of our photos on that theme, we pulled out our cameras to capture motion. Our instructor set up 4 stations: a metronome, a table fan, a clock with a sweeping second hand and flour being sifted through a sieve.

I set up my camera on a tripod and then spent a frustrating 30 minutes just trying to find and adjust the shutter speed without the camera compensating for ISO and exposure. It’s a challenge I’m still struggling with.

Here are my best two shots of the evening:

Our next adventure is to create a series of photos on the theme “Time Flies,” but before that we have a Friday outing with pinhole cameras. I’m excited already!