Muzah 2019-Portrait

Admittedly, taking portraits is my weakest skill because it involves photographing people. I don’t know about you, but I am quite uncomfortable about approaching strangers to ask if I can take their photo. Not to mention that once you’ve asked, the ability to take a truly candid photo disappears.

With that in mind, I roped my best friend into being a willing model. I’m not entirely certain she’ll be happy with the results.


My decision to shoot in black and white was majorly influenced by the “A Modern Love” exhibition at the Israel Museum, which is still on, but not for much longer. If you miss it, you might still be able to listen to the curator’s comments on the exhibit and view many photos by downloading the Israel Museum app. I heartily  recommend it.

The other part of our assignment was to select two or three photos of “something interesting” that we captured during our group visit to the exhibit of Tsibi Geva at the Herzliya Museum of Contemporary Art. Prior to this exercise, we visited two other exhibits on Portraits in the museum for inspiration. The catalog for the current exhibition can be downloaded from the above link and includes English descriptions.



  1. Your friend will be fine with it – it’s well lit and pleasant. I personally prefer to take photos of people, my husband likes landscapes. Sadly (as I can often not remember who took which, if they are in the same place) we share a camera…

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