“We can all probably extract some very basic level of information from photographs. But I think you have to learn to understand how images work and how images are constructed. Who made the picture, why they make the picture, who edited the picture, who cropped the picture, who captioned the picture, what pictures did they leave out, what pictures are being censored. It’s a malleable medium and I think people need to be aware of that. That’s one of the big goals in visual literacy, is for people to understand how many different ways you can make and use and understand any kind of image.”

Marvin Heiferman

Still no end in sight to our current self-isolation, aka social distancing. With the government’s directive to restrict outdoor walking to no further than a 100-meter radius from your home, I’m a bit depressed because our neighborhood is tired in so many ways. I haven’t gotten my camera out in ages, but will before the expected rains come next weekend. It’s hard keeping your eyes fresh when all they’re seeing are the walls in your flat!

One of my MUZAH (currently on hold) classmates sent around an email with a link to a roundup of various online courses, and I jumped at the chance to participate in MoMA’s 6-week class “Seeing Through Photographs” on Coursera. It’s not a “photography” course. You won’t learn how to take your photograpy to the next level. At least not directly.

Featured Image Photo by Daria Shevtsova on Pexels.com