Oh, IFTTT! Where art thou?

Update: for the love of all the things! It’s back! After being MIA for months, I can again post directly from Instagram to this site. Yippee!

It’s official. The IFTTT applet I previously used to post here directly from Instagram is dead.  I’ve disconnected and reconnected the connections on IFTTT a number of times, but the required hashtag doesn’t trigger the action of creating a draft post here. Since this site is not on the WordPress.com Business plan that allows you to install plugins, the only way I can do this now is by sharing from Instagram via the WordPress Android app.

The applet made it dead simple to post here after uploading the image to Instagram with the hashtag #shutterclutter. That was it. The text of the Instagram post was the Post Title, additional categories, tags, etc., were already set via the applet settings.

The sharing function via the WP app has a few additional hoops: first post my photo to Instagram via the Instagram app. Then click the vertical 3 dots at the top right of the photo in Instagram and select “Share to…”, which opens all the available apps on my phone where I can share my post. Next I select the WP app, then select the WP site I want to share it with (in case you have more than one — I have more than one), and then “Add to New Post.” This opens the Editor, where I can add a Post Title, categories, tags, etc. The default is “Publish” but I change it to Draft.

At that point the Editor closes and dumps me in my primary WPcom site, which is not this one. I check my sanity and then go online, where I discover that the Instagram image URL is linked and I have to unlink it to make the embed appear.

Screenshot_2020-07-03 Edit Post ‹ Shutter Clutter — WordPress com

And all this in the Classic Editor at the moment. I’m nervous as heck to see how this will work once the Block Editor is made the default Editor for the entire WPcom platform. Heaven above!