Nightmare on Main Street!

Colorado, 2018


In 2018 we visited family in the Southwest USA and experienced the first Halloween (and Autumn)  since we returned home abroad almost 3 decades earlier. Nostalgia is fun when it’s short-lived. More below…


This is also an opportunity for me to test out the Block Editor here and what I need to do to get things to appear in a certain way.

The top Gallery block (see below update) inserts all images without the ability to write text between them. This set of images was inserted in a Classic Block>Add Media>Gallery and inserted as Individual Images and so I can sort of wiggle some text between them. The disadvantage here is that you really need to set the order that your inserted images to appear in because if you want to change their order after inserting them, it gets complicated. These are indeed “individual images” so I can’t move them easily to a new position within the Classic Block. More below…


The only solution I found to that was using the Classic block’s “Convert to Blocks” setting in the Block Settings. Doing that successfully converted the content of the Classic Block to individual blocks (I’ve had mixed results with the “Convert to Blocks” feature), as you can see in the screenshot below, and which allows me now to move the individual blocks to a new position if I wish. Come to think of it, it would also be possible to add only the images this way and then convert.

This post only has 3 images. On a post with dozens of images, however, it could be a…


Have a happy and safe holiday!

Update 20201101: Thanks to this post I discovered there is an issue with the regular Gallery block that prevents images loading in the Carousel. It loads but without images. The bug has been reported. The temporary workaround suggested is to use a different Gallery block. The block above (now B&W) is the Tiled Mosaic.


  1. Hmm . . . I’m not exactly following the process you’re describing.

    Were I to author this post with the same images using the Classic block:
    1) create Classic Block
    2) click Add Media, select already-loaded images or drag-and-drop desired images.
    3) once loaded, the interface gives a choice between inserting a gallery or as individual images (this happens if you select more than one image)
    4) in this case, a Gallery since that’s what you inserted first.
    5) start typing wonderful prose that will engage and enthrall readers.
    6) when you get to where you want to add another image, again select Add Media.
    7) select photo and insert (presuming you have the cursor where you want the image). Note: I position the cursor where I want the image to appear before I load an image. Rarely do I have to move anything.
    8) add more engaging writing
    9) add another photo
    10) repeat as often as needed.

    As I said, I rarely need to move an image, but if I do, the simplest and quickest way — in the Classic Editor or the Classic block editor — is to delete it from where it is, move the cursor to where you want it, re-insert the image in question (it’s already in the Library, so no need to reload it).

    Another thing that I do, and why the Classic block editor is more work . . . I set the properties of the images so that if anyone clicks on the image, a larger version opens in a new window or tab. This is trivial in the Classic Editor or the Classic Block. It’s also trivial in the Image Block . . . but it takes more clicks.

    One BIG difference between the Classic Editor and the Classic Block . . . in the Classic Editor, I can drag-and-drop a photo where the cursor sits directly from a disk file.

    With the Classic Block, I have to click on Add Media and open the library before I can drag and drop (otherwise the Block Editor assumes you want a new Image block).

    Again, not a big deal and nothing that mystifies me, BUT . . . it comes down to extra clicks and more screens. A HUGE DEAL when wanting to work with 40 photos (my typical posts when i’m not busy) and a veritable trial-by-combat when the number of photos nudges 80 or 90.

    Side note: drag-and-drop works in the Block Editor (ptui!) but not consistently. I’m not sure about the algorythm they use, but occasionally the image block refuses to load where I want it (sometimes I tried three or four times before giving up and resorting to moving the block). So, sure, I have the ability to easily move something . . . that loaded in a different place than where I told it to load. For me, not a plus.

    Additionally, I use changes in text color and/or adding italics in my composition (for what I think is ease of reading or following a narrative). Trivial in the Classic Editor and in the Classic (editor) block . . . a few extra click in the Block Editor (ptui!) proper.

    To be clear, it’s not that I can’t use the Block Editor (ptui!) or that it mystifies me or that it’s beyond my ability to comprehend and use . . . it’s that — for what I do in my blog — it takes more clicks/time/effort.

    Now, someone in the early part of their lives doesn’t see this as a problem . . . me? I’m old. I remember when computers with less computing power than my toaster took up whole rooms. Yes, that old . . . I almost remember when dirt was invented.

    Meaning, I could keel over any moment and I’d rather not spend more time doing stuff when I can do the same stuff in less time.

  2. Hi D. Thanks for taking the time to comment here. I’m not an engineer, but the daughter of, the sister of, the wife of and the mother of and I’ve always had a technical bent. I love poking things to see what makes them tick and that pretty well describes my entire other photo site (gammagirl) on the Gallery feature when it was first introduced way back when.

    The initial Gallery block I inserted in this post was to check it against what I did next in the Classic block.

    In the Classic block, I clicked the Add Media icon in the toolbar and selected the 3 images that were already in the Media Library (because of adding them in the initial Gallery block). After selecting the 3 images, I clicked Next and the Media Manager automatically loaded the Gallery options. I chose “Individual Images” rather than Tiled Mosaic or the other options there. That loaded the three images one on top of the other (stacked) in the Classic block. After the images were in the Classic block, I added space under each image by placing my cursor to the right of the image and tapping Enter. I then added the text. I thought that it might have been easier to use Convert to Blocks to get 3 separate image blocks before I added my text, but it’s pretty much 6 of one…

    I know you understand and can use the Block Editor (ptui!), but prefer the Classic in WP Admin because you feel it takes less time. I’ve found that after a year of working with the Block Editor, it’s second nature. And I’m not getting any younger myself. I think we are of an age, like the NASA engineers from the Voyager I and II programs that NASA has to call out of retirement from time to time because the current engineers don’t know how to write the necessary command codes. Yup, old as dirt.

  3. Hey, hey! . . . I said I “almost” remember when dirt was created! Don’t make me out to be older than I am; I’ll get there on my own (I hope).

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