Wishing you…

This holiday season will not be like those of past years and certainly will be remembered as such. But in these crazy times, I hope you’re able to embrace the things that bring you joy and share with those less fortunate, however you can.

ICYMI: Here is a Twitter thread on Christmas from a different perspective that is making the rounds. Happy holidays!


  1. Thank you for the link . . . I read as much as I could while I had a coffee, but I gotz stuff to do . . . Christmas stuff, don’t you know. Happy Holidays right back at you.

  2. You’ll enjoy reading that twitter thread over a cup of eggnog on the long weekend. 🙂

    PS Following comments is now on, but personally I find it much, much easier to follow comments and replies via the WP app. I will never use the app to post anything with a lot of text, unless I dictate it, but for following, follows, comments and Like notifications (if you’re into Likes), it’s much better than the site subscriptions IMO.

    NB oddly enough the Subscribe check box isn’t showing up even though it is enabled. I’ll check with support. Oh doh. My error, they’re there only after you place your cursor in the comment box. We now return you to your regularly scheduled holiday preparations.

  3. Did I mention I hate the WP app? Crappy for composting and not very well thought out for browsing. I’m using it to reply to this comment but I’m not adept at texting or typing on a handheld device.

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