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“Last week, a GitHub pull request I had been watching since October 2020 on the Gutenberg repository was finally merged into the codebase. It changes the structure of the WordPress Gallery block to be a container for nested Image blocks. The new format is expected to land in WordPress 5.9. For those who want to…”

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I’m really excited (and maybe even a bit anxious) about this upcoming change to the Gallery feature.* When it was introduced back in 2008, it was a wonderful improvement to sharing multiple images on your WordPress or website. Its biggest drawback, however, was the inability to link those same images to anything but attachment pages or media files and later, the Image Carousel. Many requests were made to WordPress to change that behavior and workaround solutions were provided, but the Gallery feature was never updated to do so. Until now.

With the introduction of Blocks and the changes to the WordPress Editor, I retired my popular post “Not the Official Gallery FAQ” as the information was no longer relevant. That FAQ spawned a spin-off site, “A Gallery Demo,” that demonstrated what was then possible with the Gallery feature. The above announcement has made me rethink how best to repurpose that site.

Would you find it helpful if I continue to explore the Gallery feature as it evolves? Let me know in the comments.

*For those who don’t know, features being incorporated into the open source WordPress software get rolled out here first for testing.


  1. Here’s the thing that worries me when I read that article about the new capabilities (or, augmented capabilities, as the case might be): the possibility that it might mess up previous posts.

    Meaning, I have nothing against these new items, but I get rather irate when new stuff breaks the old stuff (too often, in the last 11 years).

    As for me using it? I doubt it. I mean, not to be contrarian (although I’m often accused of it), but for me it’s the pictures. Meaning, I’m currently (and reluctantly) using galleries as easier to deal with (although still with very annoying issues, as in my last Alaska post). My preference is individual photos, but it takes longer (and comes with its own set of problems).

    Finally, to your question, if you feel like it, you should do it. I’m sure someone will have the same internet in it that you do, and maybe even people who aren’t interested might see something they weren’t aware of.

    Thanks for the update.

  2. That’s the “anxious” part of my reaction. It likely will mess things up on older instances of the Gallery, just like newer iterations of that feature have.

    When was young and we had to figure out workarounds for just about everything, I was much more interested in testing things. My Gallery FAQ was born out of that. But my interest has waned a bit since’s gone “corporate”. I’m not in a hurry to commit if there’s little response. We’ll see.

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