Tel Aviv Walkabout

For Week 4 our photography group met in Tel Aviv this past Friday morning. We were expecting cloudy skies and were glad to have a warm, sunny day, but it interfered a bit with our ability to experiment with longer exposures and depth of field. So we went for stop-motion action instead along with experimenting with our camera settings.

Here are a few photos which I’m adding here as a Gallery so that you can see the EXIF info on aperture and shutter speed. Other than resizing and/or straightening, I’ve not retouched them.

I took lots of under- and over-exposed photos, but was happy to finally be off the automatic setting on my point and shoot!

Never Judge A Book By Its Cover

Standing in the middle of the Japanese Tea Garden at Planten und Bloemen in Hamburg, intently concentrating on snapping this gorgeous flowering azalea, an elderly woman wearing sagging support hose and a doughty gray pleated skirt walks past me.

After a moment I put down my camera, turn around, and I nearly laugh aloud as I see she’s snapping away with this badass Canon EOS.

Needless to say, I learned a lesson (again!) about making snap judgments about people.